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Welcome to Fusion Hookah Lounge

away the day, de-stress while relaxing with friends and relatives. The original water pipe came from India but it was rather primitive as it was made out of a coconut shell. Its popularity spread to Iran and then to the rest of the Arabic world, but it was in Turkey, that the water pipe completed its revolution and did not change its style for the last hundred years. Unfortunately, like most of the wonderful things from the past, the water pipe has suffered a decline due to the growth of cigarettes. Smoking a water pipe is nothing like a cigarette; cigarettes are for nervous people; competitive people, on the run. When you smoke a water pipe, you have time to think. It teaches patience & tolerance, gives you an appreciation of good company. Hookah smokers have a much more balanced approach to life than cigarette or cigarette smokers.

Hookah Flavors

BRANDY                             $22.00


COSMOPOLITAN               $22.00

FLAMES MIX                       $22.00

MARGARITA                       $22.00

ICE LEMON-MINT             $22.00


RASPBERRY                         $22.00

CHOCOMINT                      $22.00

DOUBLE APPLE                  $22.00

MINT                                    $22.00

BLUE MIST                          $22.00

WHITE GRAPE                     $22.00

PEACH                                  $22.00

RED GUMMY BEAR            $22.00

MANGO                               $22.00

MELON ICE                          $22.00

AMBROSIA                           $22.00

BUBBLE GUM                      $22.00

*Disposable hoses can be purchased for an additional $2 each.

$10 food / beverage purchase minimum per person with hookah order.

3 customers Max per Hookah

18% gratuities will be add it to all hookah orders / service.